Saturday, 28 April 2012

Spirit Injection!

Miss X. 18 years old
Headache- every time she reads lecture textbook
Less fatigue
Diarrhea – especially before exam
Laziness in doing everything
Daydreaming and thinking: What should I do?

Physical examinations:
Vital sign
BP slightly high, heartbeat fast
Thorax abdomen normal
Everything normal

Under pressure disease

Spirit Injection-intravenous

 This spirit injection, comes from many stories. From fiction, to factual. From film, to self experience. Spirit, somehow is very contagious, among everyone, who could energize their soul, inspire every body arround. Through their ability, sincerity to teach, and through themself, that could be the role model.

 My teacher, from my last visit to Soetomo hospital. Internist, smart, energetic, cool. She could bring that spirit. She proved that the theory in our skill lab books was not only formality. She did introduce herself, to every patient she faced. Explained all she was going to do, showed her simpathy. The real relation between doctor and patient. Because most of the patients are suffered heavy ill, plus their financial condition and phsycologically under pressure, the doctor should treat them well, with their pure heart, so they can touch the patients heart. Think all the best for them, the best treatment, the best that could match their financial condition. Awesome. Looking at the patient’s face that was so thankful to her. Cool.

Thank God. Many diseases that I previously found them only on book, yesterday I look at them myself. Hepatoma, chronic kidney disease, chronic myelositic leukemia, I realize that those diseases are really happen in real life. I realize that all that I learnt, even the subjects are so many, even it is very hard to understand, hard to memorize, would be worthy someday, to help someone.